Importance Of Web Design And Development

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A Website is a set of related web pages contains text,images,video,audio,etc.
A website contains several distinct aspects:
�Look and feel � primarily the graphics, color scheme, navigation elements, etc.
�Content � information, products, etc available on the site.
�Functionality � functionality includes interactive features that the web site provides to the visitors and the required infrastructure needed to provide them.
�Usability � the site from a visitor’s perspective and includes things like program interactions, navigation and usefulness.
Web design usually involves content creation and look and feel while web development involves creating the functionality and testing its usability.
Web development programmers create the functionality for the website, but all of that functionality must be integrated into the HTML pages on the site. Alternatively, the HTML content could also be integrated into the program. Web developers also do usability testing on the site, at least for the functionality they create. So the programmer also needs to have some HTML knowledge as well.
In either case the web designer and web development programmer need to work together to assure that the website does everything that the site owner requested.

With time Web Design & Development business flourished at a tremendous rate, which indeed jeopardized the situation for clients who are in search for the best web design firm for their businesses.Web Design & Development are interrelated and both are essential to create a successful website. Designing the website itself might prove to be much easier than selecting the right service provider! A professional web designing advice is what sets your web presence apart from others and offers an edge over your competitors.

Tips to brand your website
Include your logo in all pages. Position it at the top left or each page. Complement your logo with a tagline or catchy sentence that summarizes your business purpose. Have a consistent look and feel in all your pages. Use a color scheme and layout that are clearly recognized across your site
Tips on website navigation
Design your pages to load in less than 10 seconds (50Kb maximum size, including pictures). Group your navigational options in relevant categories.
Save the top of your page for your most important content. Remember: good content must flow to the top. Lay out your page with tables, and set the width in percentage terms instead of a fixed number of pixels. Don’t use too many different fonts in one page. Verdana is the most web-friendly font, since it is wide, clean and easy to read. Avoid long blocks of text.
Tips on Writing for the Web
Write in layman’s terms so that everybody can understand your content, unless you’re running a technical site for technical people. Reading from a screen is painful: use 50% less words than you would use on print. If a page is too long, break it into several pages and link to them. Don’t use font sizes smaller than 10pt. for the body of your page. Use a spell checker.
Tips on linking
Make your links descriptive. They should indicate what the user will be linking to, as opposed to just saying “click here”. Don’t underline anything that is not a link. Underline your links and use a consistent color for them across your site (preferably blue). Use a different color for visited links, so that your visitors know where they’ve been (preferably purple or a more subdued tone of the unvisited links color). When linking to a non-HTML file, such as Excel, Word or Acrobat, make it evident, by including a small icon next to the link. Don’t link to “under construction” pages. Make sure that your links work and that you don’t have broken links. There are free online tools that can help you with this. If you use graphic links, don’t forget to use the ALT attribute. The ALT attribute should describe what are you linking to.
Tips on how to use graphics
Optimize your graphics. Use only .gif and .jpg formats. Make your image files as small as possible while maintaining acceptable quality. Use a free online graphics optimization tool.

Tips to optimize your site for the search engines
Create short, descriptive page titles, to entice search engine users to click on your links. Create a site map containing all your pages, and link to it directly from your homepage. Search engine robots will follow the link to your site map and will most likely add all your pages to the index.
Thus even a easy but elegant site wants some change to be done and quite than be at the compassion of web designers, a basic knowledge of how HTML and graphic design work will go a long way in your designing a website you can be proud of. Thus Web Design & Development are a vital part of internet and this field shows tremendous growth in today’s IT sector.

Growth Of Website Design Development Industry

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The web design development industries have become one of the fastest growing businesses since the 1990s. United States alone had 1,000 web design developmental based companies in the year 1995 and by 2005 the number of companies increased to 30,000. In this age of modern technology, every company wishes to sell their products like hot cake and the smart way is to find an intelligent strategy to sell their products through the website. The customers are more drawn towards to the online advertisements and it is only through this way, a company can catch the attention of the customers.

The web design development is mainly done on platforms such as, SQL, JavaScript, PHP and AJAX and many more. But for designing a perfect website, the developers depend on the current technique available in the market such as, AJAX, CSS and etc. There are various experienced companies which are capable of designing wonderful websites. The companies also assure full circle method while designing the website. There are various planning strategies that a web design development company must follow before designing a website. Apart from planning, the creativity of the developer for placing the product to the customer in such a way that would immediately attract them, the promotion of the product should also be done in a right way, and complete solution for proper maintenance should also be checked by the developer and the company.

It is the prime duty of the website development company to know about the unique requirement for the designing of the website for every customer. The customer will always go for a unique piece of a work and the developer should keep this in mind while designing and making layouts about a website. The developers must be capable enough to create a website for its customers which would ensure a friendly search engine facility, user friendly approach and which should be visually appealing to the viewer.

The main aim of the web designing company should be, it should be able to construct a website with unique approaches, redesign website in case the website requires new designs and developments and lastly the developers of the company should be smart enough to carry out the maintenance of the website without any complexities.

Being a complete web design company, it is the responsibility of the company to provide complete guidance and solutions to the customers. The client should be provided with high quality material and overall a powerful web designing concept for the clients so that the website created by the company should be unique to those who are viewing it every now and then. And as the viewer starts visiting the website of a client for some product it would influence other viewers to visit the website too. In this manner a website gets the recognition and the credit will go the website developers and the company developing it.

There are various web design services for the clients, that is provided by the web designing companies, they are, Proper RFP development through detailed analysis, creative story designing apart from unique designs, the planning of the website content and valid coding of the HTML and a well managed Java scripting technique.All these facilities are provided by a good, experienced web designing Development Company